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Automating the management and processing of data

Infoboss is a software and services company with an enterprise strength automated data management platform. Based on search-engine technology the software can be used to solve a number of business problems and deliver a broad range of innovative data solutions and products.

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Our solutions

Unstructured data mining
Unstructured data mining

80% of data within the enterprise is unstructured and growing. Many see opportunities with this type of data to enhance products, services and improve business performance. The first step in understanding relevance and value is to add structure to it. Infoboss can do this for you and integrate with your favourite data visualisation tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and Excel. 

Searching your own data estate to find information needed in the moment can improve the efficiency of any business. Infoboss provides a simple, easy to use interface to search your entire data estate in an instant. 

With so many contemporary business drivers being underpinned by a deep reliance on data quality business leaders are looking to embed DQM within the DNA of the business operating model. Infoboss can automate the DQM process for you.

The day to day effort to maintain GDPR, PCI DSS and other data related compliance can be inefficient and difficult to manage and control. Infoboss can automate many of the compliance processes for you.

So many processes in the modern organisation require manual scrutiny of data. These are often inefficient processes and likely to become more so with a predicted ten-fold increase in business data over the coming years. Infoboss can help streamline your business processes freeing up your precious people resources to do more.

Knowing where personal and sensitive data is stored and who has access to it are questions keeping data protection officers awake at night! Infoboss can help to classify and audit your data automatically to help minimise risk of a data breach or non-compliance. 

Our products

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Transform your Subject Access Request (SAR) process. Reducing the time to find and collate information from days to minutes!


Worried about how effective your data management and protection policies and procedures are in practice? Then let us provide the assurance you need...

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