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A tenet and guiding principle of the GDPR was for an organisation to achieve data protection by design and default, effectively enshrining data protection into business as usual activity. What organisations are now beginning to recognise is that GDPR compliance is not a one-off event and the day to day effort to effectively maintain that compliance is proving to be a labour-intensive exercise, fraught with data breach risk and difficult to manage and control.

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How Infoboss helps:

Infoboss provides the tools to efficiently meet your GDPR and other compliance obligations by automating many of the processes required. It enables you to:

  • Automatically collect data from any data source;

  • Store it in a secure, scalable, searchable enterprise data store;

  • Index and classify the data using sophisticated regular expression rules;

  • Discover PII and special category data;

  • Conduct a data audit – (the first step in GDPR compliance);

  • Enforce data retention and data protection policies;

  • Understand who has access to what data;

  • Enforce data subject rights. E.g. Access, Erasure, Consent etc.; and

  • Efficiently and effectively service data subject access requests

In essence, Infoboss undertakes the heavy lifting (and perhaps mundane aspects) of the compliance manager’s role.

“The Infoboss system has enabled us to systematically classify and discover personal and sensitive data across our entire data estate and crucially who has access to it.” – Information Compliance Manager

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